PlayHaven Farm LLC

PlayHaven Farm LLC
Farm Name: PlayHaven Farm LLC
Contact Person(s): Bobbi Walker
City: Napoleon
State: MO
Zip: 64074
Type of Farm: , , ,
Farm Description:

PlayHaven Farm LLC is located East of Metro Kansas City, a few miles north of I-70. New and existing client-friends are always welcome to visit (by appointment, please)!

My website abounds with information about the farm and this journey into the world of healthy food (and sustainable building).

I do not ship at this time and would LOVE to have you visit the farm to enjoy a little nature when you pick up your food.

As a person with multiple food allergies, I am dedicated to providing food that people like me can eat without fear.

Grass fed and finished beef -- Belted Galloway steers live on pasture year-round with the rest of the herd. Shares are sold through Cowpooling (whole, half, split-half). Processing occurs late Spring, you pick up your share at the processor. Contact me to reserve your share!

Aroniaberries - a native berry that outshines blueberries and elderberries in health benefits.

Strawberries, rhubarb, blackberries - available at the farm in season.

Raw honey - filtered without heat! The 2017 harvest is available in 2 lb, 1 lb and 8 oz glass jars and 12 oz BPA free plastic inverted squeeze bottle. (While quantities last.) Also, ask me about raw propolis!

I am expanding into tree fruits and nuts, in addition to other bee products. All raised in sustainable ways without the ‘icides’ (insecticides, pesticides, herbicides).

I want to be your local farmer! Request an order form and then make an appointment to visit the farm.

What makes your farm unique?: I know how hard it is to have food allergies and that is why my meat is unique! There is NO CORN, NO SOY, and NO WHEAT fed to my animals, ever, period. I am constantly working to improve my pasture for year-round grazing (including hay that is NOT sprayed with any "icides"). I provide my cattle bio-diverse pasture through management intensive grazing, free choice access to Thorvin kelp, sea salt, and plenty of clean, fresh water.
Specialty Items: grass-fed/finished beef, aroniaberries, strawberries, rhubarb, blackberries, native persimmons, raw honey
Where to buy?: You are buying directly from the farm... NO middle men! Beef is picked up at the processor. Berries and honey are sold at the farm only, in season.
Exceptions to Farmer Pledges: none
Farm Phone : 8163043317
  • PlayHaven Farm LLC
  • PlayHaven Farm LLC
  • PlayHaven Farm LLC
  • PlayHaven Farm LLC
  • PlayHaven Farm LLC

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