Hedgewood Farms, LLC

Hedgewood Farms, LLC
Farm Name: Hedgewood Farms, LLC
Contact Person(s): Marla Biggs
City: Paola
State: Kansas
Zip: 66071
Farm Description:

We are passionate about providing wholesome, high quality food that sustains the land and our bodies in the healthiest way possible. Our cattle, are primarily Scottish Highland & Scottish Highland crossbreeds. Scottish Highlands are recognized as one of the oldest breeds in the world, Highlander beef is recognized as lean and flavorful with little outside fat. We practice “Management Intensive Rotational Grazing” because we believe it is best for our cattle and the environment we all share.

We also raise pastured chickens and eggs which are raised on our pastures, moved frequently and supplemented with organically sourced grains. In addition, we partner with a regional farm who raises turkeys following the same sustainable and humane practices.

At the core of our business are Hedgewood Families. Hedgewood Families maintain a monthly standing order with our farm for Beef, Eggs and Chicken which we deliver. In our delivery zone, delivery is free with a minimum order and 'Subscribers' are welcome to adjust their order month to month or cancel altogether as they see fit. 'Subscribers' have first access to all of our specialty cuts of beef as well as seasonal produce harvested fresh from our small market garden.

What makes your farm unique?: Hedgewood Farms is a husband and wife, first generation farm that produces 100 percent grass fed and FINISHED beef in rural Miami County, Kansas, near Paola. Our Scottish Highland cattle are raised and finished on our pastures. Our pastures are never fertilized, except by our cattle, chickens, legumes, and wildlife, just as nature designed. We do not use pesticides of any kind. We practice “Management Intensive Rotational Grazing” because we believe it is best for our cattle and the environment we all share. Our pastures are full of grasses, legumes, and other diverse plant life which provide complete high quality nutrition. We allow our pastures to contain a variety of plants, supporting insects, wildlife and woods with a natural diversity that represent the local ecosystem. By relying on natural processes to support our cattle, the soil is being preserved and is without chemical run-off.
We respect our animals, check and move them daily, handle them in a gentle manner, and always ensure they have proper pasture, water, shade and care. Our chickens go shopping for salad and bugs every single day, free to roam our farm as nature intended.
Truly local, our beef never travels far from the pastures of Hedgewood Farms. We use locally owned processing facilities near Paola. All of our processors are USDA inspected facilities.
Specialty Items: Grass Finished Beef, Pastured Chicken, Pastured Eggs, Pastured Turkey
Where to buy?: Delivery, Pick-up at farm if pre-arranged
Farmers Markets Where You Sell?: Paola Farmers Market , Olathe Farmers Market - Stagecoach Location
Exceptions to Farmer Pledges: We partner with a regional farm who raises turkeys sustainably and humanely.
Farm Phone : 913-259-7949

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Listing Title: Hedgewood Farms, LLC