Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance

Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance
Farm Name: Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance
Contact Person(s): Tim Maier
City: Leavenworth
State: KS
Zip: 66048
Farm Description:

CSA Vegetable subscription service.  We deliver to you a weekly bag of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit, all local-grown, to one four pick up sites.You choose which site is most convenient for you.  These are: the Roeland Park Community center, Roeland Park, KS; Johnson County Community College, Lawrence, KS; The Community Mercantile; Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Typically, a regular bag includes 6-8 produce items, a few of which offer you a choice (say, between carrots and beets, or between zucchini and cucumbers). The economy bag (available in Lawrence only) usually includes 5-7 items, some of them in smaller portions. All the produce is cleaned and bunched, and ready to bag.

We also start the season for a limited number of customers in Lawrence at least two weeks early (around the middle of April), and extend it a few weeks after frost.

Meat and eggs are also available.
Rolling Prairie is the oldest Midwest vegetable cooperative.   The original group of farmers joined together in 1994 providing a vegetable subscription service to Lawrence and Kansas City.  Over 300 households receive a weekly bag of locally grown produce during the growing season.  While not all of our farms are now certified organic, we still follow the same natural, ecologically sustainable, organic practices for growing food we have used since we started.

Member Farms:  East Stone House Creek FarmHoyland Farm, Maier's Farm, Sandheron FarmWakarusa Valley Farm, Conway's Produce, Buller Family Farm

What makes your farm unique?: Rolling Prairie Farmer's Alliance is a special type of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). We call it a produce subscription service because our customers subscribe to our service for a season's worth of produce. The farmers in the alliance operate as a cooperative, which serves as a kind of insurance policy for the subscribers. The seven farms span four counties in the rolling prairie of Northeast Kansas. If one farm gets frosted, hailed out, flooded, dried up, or attacked by grasshoppers, chances are others can take up the slack. We become more efficient in our marketing efforts, which leaves us more time to concentrate on growing food without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We occasionally draw products from other local farmers to add variety. While this produce isn't always organic, we do our best to make sure it is grown by conscientious local farmers. We have been doing this longer than the vast majority of CSA's in the country, and Rolling Prairie is fairly unique as well in its cooperative structure.
Specialty Items: meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit
Where to buy?: farm, and CSA locations
CSA Distribution Info: The Roeland Park Community Center, Roeland Park, KS,
Johnson County Community College
In Lawrence:
The Community Mercantile
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
MEAT AND EGGS are available.
CSA Share Structure: May to September.
Returning members have priority in reserving spots until February 1, at which point we take all subscribers until our sites are full.

New subscribers pay a $88 deposit and receive a copy of our Rolling Prairie cookbook. Previous subscribers pay a deposit of $78. The deposit covers administrative expenses, but the equivalent of three weeks' bag cost will be returned to you as credit at the end of the season.

Subscribers then pay $18 per week for the regular bag or $15 per week for the economy bag through the rest of the season. You don't have to pay each week. We will collect your payment at the beginning of the following month.
This makes us different than many CSA's, in which a lump sum is collected at the beginning of the season, and customers assume more of the risks of farming. We feel that if you compare our prices with other CSA's you will find ours to be very reasonable.
CSA: What can shareholders expect in their share?: A wide array of vegetables and fruits. Meat and eggs by special order.
Exceptions to Farmer Pledges: some treated corn seeds
Farm Website :
Farm Phone : 785-241-2818
  • Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance
  • Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance
  • Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance
  • Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance

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