Skyview Farm & Creamery

Skyview Farm & Creamery
Skyview Farm & Creamery
Bill and Sheri Noffke
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Skyview Farm and Creamery is a family owned farm located on 80 acres about 50 miles south of Kansas City in rural Pleasanton, KS. Our creamery is a Grade A Kansas Dairy. We milk Jersey cows and make raw milk cheeses which are aged in our underground cheese "cave" with their natural rinds.  We also have a small, vat pasteurizer for fresh cheeses and yogurts.

The Jersey cows are raised on our rotationally grazed pasture and fed a minimal amount of non-GMO grains.  We also have fresh, fluid dairy products only available for sale on the farm.

Occasionally we have whole cow ground beef.

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We use all our own milk from our own 80 acres to produce milk, cheese, etc. We also have an on farm store where products can be purchased that are not available off farm.
dairy, free range eggs, seasonal beef. and Maus's grassfed lamb
On the farm and The Farmhouse, Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Winery, Nighthawk Winery, Mound City Butcher Block, Pleasanton and Mound City Food Fairs, and the Overland Park Farmer’s Market.
Our cheeses are also in Fair Share farm CSA.
Mr. Maus in Pleasanton, KS, provides grass fed beef and lamb

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Skyview Farm & Creamery