Two Sisters Farm

Two Sisters Farm
Farm Name: Two Sisters Farm
Contact Person(s): Ryan Eddinger
City: Lawrence
State: KS
Zip: 66044
Farm Description:

Two Sisters Farm is a small family-run farm located just west of Lawrence, Kansas.  Our main product, lettuce, is grown in a hydroponic greenhouse.  We also have a free range flock of ducks and chickens and offer multi-colored dozens of EGGS.  You can purchase our lettuce in Lawrence at The Merc, Hy-Vee and Checkers or in Kansas City at Hen House Market.  You can also find us at the Overland Park farmers market in season.   Enjoy our lettuce at 715, Merchant's Pub, Novel,  Julian, Michael Smith,  Story, and Harvest every day.

What makes your farm unique?: We grow our fantastic lettuce hydroponically, so we can ensure a year-round supply!
Specialty Items: lettuce, chicken eggs, duck eggs
Where to buy?: Overland Park Farmer Market, and many farm to table restaurants
Exceptions to Farmer Pledges: We do use synthetic nitrogen but only in a closed system greenhouse. It is NEVER dumped in the soil or gets in the water or on the ground. We apply all to rnethods of organic growing. Our closed system hydroponic setup does not lead to many of the traditional issues with synthetic nitrogen. ( KCFC Note: We have been unable to locate a stable, high-quality source of "organic" nitrogen suitable for hydroponics.)
Farm Phone : 785-218-7338
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Listing Title: Two Sisters Farm