Turkey Time!

We know you are just getting into the groove of pumpkin spice everything, and are more concerned with the upcoming sugar-fest than with Thanksgiving.  But if you want to get in on the best bird for your table, reserve it now, while you still can!  Then you can go raid the trick or treat stash without a care.  Want to go your own way and ditch the traditional bird?  We can hook you up with the perfect ham.  Go ahead, treat yourself!
Barham Family Farms- white and bronze breasted (sold out)
Bauman's Cedar Valley Farms- humanely raised (only a few left)
Bonnie View Farm- pasture raised (only a few left)
David's Pure Pastures- pasture raised (sold out of whole turkeys, but has breasts and thighs)
Farrar Family Farm- pasture raised (only a few left)
New Song Farm- heritage breed, pasture raised (a variety of sizes still available)
Wells Family Farm- humanely raised, available in City Market